09 January 2012

bowling without waffles

Saturday night was the 35th birthday party for a friend. Surprise birthday party, actually. Her girlfriend arranged the whole thing and it was held at a super sweet old-school bowling alley in Lakewood. I'm talking scoring by hand, people. Which I haven't done since high-school when I did the bowling class as part of P.E. (seriously: that was our final test for that particular activity).

Me, trying to tell the ball to swing left. Picture courtesy of DuVi

I couldn't even tell you the last time I went bowling, and while I scored a strike my first time up, the rest of my game was only about average. But that's alright. Not really the point of the whole evening, was it? Instead, it was about celebrating the life of a fabulous woman while in the company of equally fabulous people and yummy food (and a conversation with a member of the Birthday Girl's band led to the title of this post). Me, I brought a taco dip while Lindy baked one of her oh-so-awesome vegan cakes.

After DuVi posted the above picture on Facebook, she commented that yoga has certainly paid off, and it has: I weigh-in on Mondays and today I'm down 4.8 for a total of 55.4 (since January 24, 2011). While that sounds like a lot to lose in one week -- and it is -- it's not quite what I gained over the holidays. But I'm super close to where I was before Christmas and back on track.

After skipping yoga class on Thursday, I went back Saturday morning and had the most amazing session. I was strong and fierce. I was able to feel the progress my body has made in the past three weeks. It was incredible and one of the best classes I've had since starting. The instructor also told the class that I have amazing flexibility in my Butterfly pose and probably do it in my sleep. Well thank you, thankyouverymuch.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus


  1. Rock it, girl. I'm loving yoga. :) Congrats on the awesome weight loss!

  2. Kind Greetings from Flanders,

  3. haha, I remember bowling in gym class! I'm always impressed every week when you say how much you've lost, and you continue to make progress!

  4. Welcome Nadja!

    And thanks, Carly. This week was sort of weird, I wouldn't normally lose so much I think it was just my body dropping all the excess holiday weight :)


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