27 March 2012

i get a kick out of you

Just a little bit ago, Cleveland's own Playhouse Square announced the line up for their 2012-2013 Broadway series. I don't know if I've mentioned this yet or not, but I am a total theater junkie. I did theater in high-school, have had two stage plays of my own produced, and loved Wicked so much I got a "Defy Gravity" tattoo. That last one takes nerd to a whole 'nother level, people.

There's just something so magical about seeing a live show. Of getting all dressed up and the excitement and anticipation as you're waiting for the curtain to rise, getting goosebumps as the Overture starts. I love movies and all but I love musicals.

So, without further ado, let's take a look at this year's shows!

Anything Goes [October 2-14, 2012]
Um, I freaking adore Anything Goes. I was in the chorus my junior year of high-school and of all the plays I did while at HHS, this was by far my absolute favorite (and not just because the set was phenomenal). I still remember every line from the title song and who doesn't love tap dancing on a big cruise liner?

Beauty and the Beast [November 6-18, 2012]
Pretty sure this is the first Broadway show I ever saw actually on Broadway and it'll be in town during my birthday! Double yay!

Priscilla Queen of the Desert [January 15-27, 2013]
Drag Queens. Need I say more?

Sister Act [March 5-17, 2013]
Singing nuns? Sign me up.

War Horse [April 9-21, 2013]
You know a play has street cred when Spielberg directed the movie adaptation.

Guys & Dolls [May 1 - June 23, 2013]
Gambling, drinking, and dancing, oh my! Another show I did in high-school and loved.

Book of Mormon [June 18 - July 7, 2013]
Hell. To. The. Yes.

With the Broadway Series I usually just pick and choose, but this season is so strong I am highly tempted to buy a subscription. Oh Playhouse Square, you really are the top.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus


  1. Wow, that is a fabulous line up, especially Book of Mormon. I remember the Anything Goes set (from watching it, I didn't catch the theatre bug til college), and it was impressive! I did Guys & Dolls when I was 12 weeks pregnant with G, and those songs still make her sing and dance like nobody's business.

  2. It doesn't get much better than live theatre...the connection between actor and audience, FABULOUS!!!


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