19 March 2012

walk the walk

Over the course of the weekend, I walked about 5 miles around the city. And I did it in flip-flops and calf-length yoga pants. I mean, this is Cleveland, people. Cleveland in mid-March.


I only really discovered I enjoyed walking so much back in September when I accidentally walked six miles in one day (long story). But after that experience I decided to walk where I could when I could. So on Friday, when I was asked to volunteer at the Cleveland International Film Festival offices, I decided to walk up there seeing as how it was a gorgeous day and only a mile from my apartment. Around noon, Papa G came by and we walked over to Light Bistro for lunch.

Saturday, of course, was St. Patrick's Day. Green flip flops and fake red hair was about as festive as I got, but considering it was once again a gorgeous day and only imaging what downtown was like, I decided heading to yoga class on foot was probably my best option. I also took it as an opportunity to snap some pictures of this lovely city.

After yoga class, I headed uptown to grab something for lunch before heading back to my side of the river. Yes, I was that weirdo walking away from the parade. Also, turns out my yoga class is maybe a ten minute walk from my place. So adding that walk to my weekly workout routine.

Yesterday I went back to the film festival offices for some more volunteering (considering the festival starts this Thursday, you can only imagine how much help they need). In fact, including the few hours I spent at the 90.3 WCPN pledge drive, I volunteered three times this weekend. Not too shabby.

Despite all that walking, I only lost 1/2 a pound this week. But that is totally okay because it brought my total to 70.2! (As Miss Musings pointed out, I've lost a tween.) One of these days I'll get around to posting pictures, I promise.

I hope all of you were also able to enjoy this crazy beautiful weather! My plan for the rest of the week is to eat my dinner at the park near work. Yay spring fever!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus


  1. I literally hold my breath every time I come to your blog. And when I saw the 70.2 I broke out in an involuntary cheer.

    Well done.

  2. Walking is my absolute fav, a discovery I made in college. Basically why I became a dog walker.


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