09 April 2012

then and now

As of today, I have lost 75.6 lbs since January 2011. Not only am I halfway to my goal weight, but my 100 lb reward tattoo is a mere 24.6 lbs away!

In light of this huge (pun intended) accomplishment, I decided it was time to post some pictures. I mean, what does a 75 lb weight loss look like, anyway?

So here we have be back in late December of 2010, about a month before I started Weight Watchers at 311 lbs. When I think of what I looked like back then, is is always the photograph that comes to mind:

And this, dear readers, is what I look like today:

That dress? Purchased Saturday at Old Navy. It's an XL. The largest in store size they carry is an XXL and I fit into an X-freaking-L. If I wasn't smiling so much, I would have been crying in that dressing room. As it is, I'm pretty sure I clapped my hands and jumped up and down.

So, y'know, just call me the incredible shrinking lady.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus


  1. You look great. Would you like to be a guest blogger on my blog? I would love if you would share your story with my readers.


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