05 May 2012

the one where I tell you what not to do

Right. Well, as I realized a little too late last week, posting a vlog at 8am on Monday morning is probably the dumbest move ever. Because, hello, everyone is either getting ready for, on their way to, or already at work so the chance of them actually having an available 10 minutes to watch/hear is unlikely and most won't have the opportunity until they get home at which point they probably will have forgotten all about it. Not the brightest crayon in the box.

So! I'm going to keep doing the vlogs but I'm going to post them on the weekend. Like, y'know, today.

In today's vlog, you get to see me at my snarky best as I talk you through an example of a diet you shouldn't follow. Oh yeah, kids. It's gonna be a good one.


  1. That diet is nuts. The sad thing is, you know there are so many other similar "diets" out there like it! And people follow them! I'm all for having a fruit day, if I can eat normal meals and only fruit for snacks or only veggies for snacks but I want normal meals that include all the other delicious foods one can eat!

    1. It's floating around on Pinterest and when I first saw it, there were so many women who had repinned it to specifically called "thinspiration" boards, which makes me so sad.


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