22 June 2012

5 reasons why I love running

Happy Friday everyone! I'm taking the day off from running today which is a little weird because Fridays are usually reserved for my "long run" but with my 5K tomorrow, it seemed like a good idea to use today as a rest day. It actually worked out well, because I have to take the cats to the vet: Linus tore a claw and he and Chloe both need their shots updated, so two birds, one stone, yadda yadda.

Speaking of the 5K, thank you soooo much to everyone who gave me advice earlier in the week when I was freaking out a bit. It meant so much and helped a ton. I ended up sleeping in Wednesday morning and yesterday just did one mile, which I ran in 13 minutes, making me very happy. The support you guys showed was awesome and reminded me that this whole thing is supposed to be fun! I was getting so wrapped up and overwhelmed by the numbers I forgot that part, so thank you.

Today's post is actually being featured over at my friend Julie's blog, Wearing Mascara. She's on vacay this week (lucky girl) and asked some of us to write guests posts for her in her absence. Being that my first 5K is tomorrow, I decided to write about 5 reasons why I love running, so go check it out!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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