06 June 2012

What I Love Wednesday: Someecards

Snark at its finest, Someecards is not your Mother's Hallmark. Which, of course, is exactly why I like it.

No topic is off-limits or taboo. From holidays to politics to just general life, Someecards covers it all with just the right touch of the cynical. This one literally made me laugh out loud:

And, of course, what is weight-loss snark without some kind of commentary on diet food:

Plus there is always the occasional appropriate pop culture reference as well:

If nothing else, Someecards helps me to not take myself too seriously. All of this, the food and fitness and counting points, is such a huge part of my life now it would be easy to get completely wrapped up in it. To get so focused on the lifestyle change, that I forget to actually, y'know, live my life. Plus, honestly, this whole journey of mine has made me more optimistic and it freaks me out a bit, so I like having somewhere to go to keep my snark in check. 

Now, it's a quiet day at work which means I get to spend it reading and I'm so very close to the end of A Game of Thrones. Of course, having read it before, I know what's coming (as does anyone else who has also read it or seen the first season of the HBO show). So, with that, I bid y'all adieu.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus


  1. Replies
    1. :) I know, they always manage to crack me up and say those things I'm thinking.

  2. that lean cuisine one really made me laugh out loud - cheers to that!

  3. fictional characters get me every time.

    Cedric? "That's my son! That's my boy!"


    1. I can't read the chapter in Order of the Phoenix where Sirius dies. I have to skip over it every time.


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