12 July 2012

hello lover

As soon as I opened my eyes Wednesday morning I knew the cloud had lifted. Maybe it was forcing myself to run the day before. Maybe it was realizing the absurdity of what was making me upset and being able to shrug it off. Whatever it was, waking up Wednesday I was a ball of bright energy who couldn't wait to lace up her Scott shoes and hit the ground running.


The mojo is back.

Seriously, as soon as I started I was able to remember why I love running so much. It calmed and centered me, proving it really is cheaper than therapy. I totally rocked it, too: 2.18 miles in 30 minutes for an average pace of 13:46 (I was running, like, 16 minute miles the past week or two because of the heat). Plus, my second mile was almost a full minute faster than my first. No. Seriously.

Looooooove that the Runkeeper app shows the split times

By the time I was finished I was buzzing with endorphins and felt like I could take on the world. 

Instead I decided to take on another 5K. Oh yes: my second 5K isn't until next Saturday, but I've already signed up for a third. Because that's how I roll, yo. Counting my first, that will be three 5Ks in as many months. How crazy is that? Totally loco, right?

I fully support rest and recovery days, especially with the weekend looming which is when I do my long runs. Had I had more time yesterday I would have gone much longer than 30 minutes. Instead I rested today and am gearing up for a nice loooooong run tomorrow. I am surprisingly looking forward to it.

Again: totally loco.

Are you a fan of rest days or do you like to workout every day?

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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