06 July 2012

the one with the questions and answers

As promised, in honor of my 100th post I decided to answer some reader questions! And considering I've been slacking on the video posts, I thought a vlog would be more fun. Plus it helped with the visual representation for one of the questions.

Some notes I forgot to add in the editing process: When I wore that shirt, I had only lost about 8 lbs, so that is definitely an accurate idea of what I weighed a year and a half ago. Also, for those interested parties, here is the text of my blogging namesake

And with that I'm off for a run, then possibly going to go see "Brave" later today. Enjoy your Friday! 


  1. Wow. That shirt. Good for you!. I am the same way with keeping shirts if they bring good memories or something like that. I know its not a good memory for the weight part but I'm sure in general that had good memories!

    I like vlogs. I feel I get to know a person better.

    Have a nice weekend!

    1. Yeah, the shirt is out of control. Part of my reason for keeping it was sentimental, but I do love having it as a comparison. :)


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