28 November 2012

What I Love Wednesday: Christmas Blend

I am not ashamed to admit that I'm one of those java junkies that loves going to bed for no other reason than knowing that when I wake up I get coffee. Oh, yeah. I'm that weirdo. (I'm also one of those other weirdos who can drink a cup of regular coffee late at night -- I'm talking 10 pm, after I get home from work -- and have no trouble falling asleep an hour later. I have long suspected that late night coffee actually helps me sleep. Like I said: weirdo.)

Despite my current adoration for this culinary confection of caffeine, I am a fairly new coffee drinker. As in I only started drinking about six years ago, although I vaguely recall drinking coffee as a kid. Y'know, where it's like thismuch coffee and thismuch milk and sugar.

Truthfully, the only reason I started drinking coffee was because I was working in a coffee shop. A Barnes & Noble Cafe, to be precise, which, while not an actual Starbucks, serves 'bux products. I was quite familiar with the espresso drinks, being a longtime fan of them, but I figured I better familiarize myself with the regular coffee options as well.

As a rule we always served the House blend. Sampling a small cup only seemed to reconfirm my distaste and while I'd try the different varieties we occasionally offered, I became convinced that coffee and I were just incompatible.

But, then, see, the holidays rolled around and with it came Starbucks Christmas Blend.

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What was this madness? A coffee I actually enjoyed drinking? Inconceivable! Yet I could not stop drinking it. And thus, my love affair with coffee and my annual purchase of Christmas Blend began.

Of course, upon getting my Keurig last Christmas (only thing I asked for) I was in a bit of a fix. While I know they sell reusable cups that you can make ground, bagged coffee in, I've never bothered buying one since there are plenty of K-Cup varieties I will happily drink. So when Coffee Cake and Cardio posted a photo showing a box of Christmas Blend K-Cups, I was all over that shit, man. Christmas Blend with some Sugar Free Peppermint Mocha creamer has become my favorite morning ritual.

Then again, I did only buy one box. Maybe I need to go back for a second....

Any other coffee fiends out there? 

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus


  1. I SO get the happiness of going to bed knowing that coffee time is just seven hours away.... :)
    Love coffee. Love coffee. (Sometime, if you're in Kent, check out Bent Tree Roasters - very cool spot! Daily fresh small batch roasts!)

    1. I don't get to Kent that often, but I will definitely check them out if I ever get a chance!

  2. Hey Jill, seeing as how you can do anything you set your mind to, how bouts you put travel on your list for 2013?


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