17 May 2013

for the love of eleven

It's May and summer is just around the corner and I decided it was time to buy myself a new swimsuit. The last swimsuit I bought was purchased a year ago and most certainly does not fit anymore. Not even close. So, having some Old Navy credit card rewards hanging around, I spent part of Wednesday perusing their website and finally settled on this ol' number right here.

Women's Halter Control Max Swimsuit from Old Navy

Obviously the whole "control max" part won me over and I love that it's got a slight retro vibe. Plus the color is to die for. Of course,  I ordered this online without being able to try it on so once it shows up it could be interesting. My body shape is between a pear and an hour glass: losing weight has managed to even things out a bit but there is still some size differences between my bust and my hips, with hips being bigger. So if the  bust area is a big loose I'm hoping I can just tie the halter tighter to make up for it but we'll see once it actually arrives.

Thing is, a few hours after ordering the swimsuit I made a rather startling realization.

For those non-Whovians, this is the TARDIS. Y'know, that thing I dressed up as for Halloween. The time and space machine used on Doctor Who. This is a sci-fi/fantasy pop culture icon and I am such a geek that I managed to inadvertently and subconsciously purchase a TARDIS blue swimsuit. I mean, seriously?!

Now I just need to find a pool to crash for the summer. Hopefully one that's bigger on the inside.

Are you ready for swimsuit season?

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus


  1. LOL that's awesome! Much better than my Dalek lederhosen....

    1. Haha, I keep meaning to buy the Dalek knee high socks from Think Geek.

  2. The swimsuit looks wonderful! I actually need to buy a few new suits :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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