26 November 2013

looks like i'll be turkey trotting on turkey day!

I tend to register for race's months in advance (or, in the case of my half-marathon, over a year ahead of time) so the idea of waking up on a Saturday morning and thinking "I'm going to go race in a 5K today!" boggles my mind, let alone deciding that even just a week before.

So I was rather perplexed yesterday when I found myself looking online trying to find a Turkey Trot to participate in come Thanksgiving morning. I mean, that's only a few days away and I haven't been running as much as I probably should be (though the legs are still getting a decent workout thanks to twice-weekly spinning classes at Harness Cycle). But I wanted to do something before the big meal and as the Monday packet pick up/late registration location was super close to work I just ran on over and signed up.

Funny thing is, I would have absolutely no motivation to get up and run 5 miles all on my own but give me a free shirt and a finish line and I'm your gal.

I then came home last night and registered for the 6:30 am spinning class this morning. Plus I have my regular Wednesday 6:30 am class tomorrow. Then the 5 mile run on Thursday.

Oh baby, I'm gonna be all set by the time Thanksgiving dinner rolls around.

How are you staying active before Thanksgiving?

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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