11 November 2013

sunday runday

I have found that after a race my body needs time to recuperate before running again. With 5Ks and 10Ks it's usually only about a week or so but apparently after a half-marathon it's more like a month, which is how long it had been since I went for a run prior to this weekend.

With the Christmas Story House 10K just a few weeks away I knew I had to get out there and start training, but every time I went out or hopped on the dreadmill I just felt awful and not at all in the mood to run. So, I stopped trying to force myself, knowing full well that my body would let me know when it was ready.

As soon as I woke up Sunday morning I knew. The voice of my mind and body were speaking loud and clear and I fully intended to follow its heed. Bundled up, ever grateful for the long-sleeved tech shirt I got at last year's Nature's Bin 5K, and headed out.

Not only was it cold it was super windy and near impossible to run against the wind, so I kind of let it guide my course. It was short and sweet -- only about 2 miles -- but it was just nice getting back out there after so long.

After, I headed over to Beachwood Place for some shopping and my run combined with walking around a mall for about 2 hours helped me get over 12,000 steps on my FitBit! Here's hoping that walking motivation continues into this week.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus


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