30 October 2013

surprise: curvy women can be hot and sexy cover models, too

I would like to think that in the past decade or so since models Emme and Crystal Renn have strutted down the runways of fashion designers the world over the media would have gotten over the shock of seeing plus size models as desirable and worthy of magazine covers. (Or, well, what the fashion industry considers plus size, which is different than what the rest of the world considers plus size, but that's another story. As is the fact that Crystal Renn is no longer a plus size model.)

Seems like it would be pretty much cultural white noise at this point in our society, yet yesterday I yet again found myself reading a headline that said Plus Size Model Stuns On Edgy Cover and I seriously wanted to throw something at the computer screen.

Don't get me wrong: Tara Lynn is absolutely gorgeous. Of course, the cover is so Photoshopped they took, like, 20 pounds off her but that's not my real problem with this. My real problem is that her cover is still being treated like a novelty. Yes, yes, it's the Huffington Post and not The New York Times but the fact remains. It's as though journalists are just shocked -- shocked, I tell you! -- to discover they find themselves attracted to photos of a half-naked heavier woman.

Because, to tell you the truth, I'm fairly certain that's what's going on: they are so drunk on the Barbie Doll Complex Kool Aid that they sincerely cannot process the concept of finding such a woman desirable until it's literally staring them in the face on the cover of a magazine and they are so completely stunned by this revelation they treat it like they are a 13 year old boy who thinks he's the first person to discover masturbation.

I think this is also why they continue to use the "plus size" term: because, yet again, they are so shocked and stunned to discover they find her beautiful and sexy and hot and blah blah that they go all "Look at what I found!" with jazz hands and everything.

Guess what? Women who wear double digits -- be it size 10, 20, and beyond -- are just as sexy and beautiful as those in the single digits. More than that, I'm going to let all the skeptics in on a little secret: there are actually men out there who even find us so sexy they want to sleep with us.

It's okay, go ahead and take a moment to recover.

Let's also take a moment to consider that we aren't models. We are normal, every day, average, women and there are men and women who want to date us and sleep with us and marry us and they don't need a magazine to tell them that it's okay to find us attractive.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

25 October 2013

friday favorites

Oh, hey, so guess who was up at 5:30ish this morning so she could get her spin on at 6:30?

It's true. I may have a problem.

But there are certainly worse problems to have, amiright or amiright?

That being said, I'm pretty sure that 6:30 am spinning class might be my new best friend. Seriously. Amazing way to start my day/weekend. And I still have Sunday's 10:30 am class to look forward to as well!

(Like I said, I may have a problem.)

Other favorites this week include this Halloween candy cheat sheet from Weight Off My Shoulders. Blogger Dani is a Weight Watchers leader and put together this little list for her meeting members then made it available on her blog. It not only helps you track points if you indulge a bit this upcoming holiday but it also puts some of those points and candy in perspective.

Digging a little into the archives, so to speak, here is my own guide to surviving Halloween!

Also, how did I manage to function so long without appreciating the fabulousness that is black boots, leggings/tights, and a dress? Classy and comfy. Can't really beat that combo.

One such dress was this sweater dress that I picked up at the consignment store last week (mine is actually tan & black but I couldn't find a photo online):

Not only did I only pay $25 for said sweater dress at consignment store but this is a Calvin Klein sweater dress. Considering this dress sold for $70 on eBay I clearly got this thing at a steal. I also may have done the dress/boots/leggings combo every day this week.

(Along with a spinning problem I may have a dress problem.)

Really, though, my absolute most favorite thing this week has to be this purse.

The always gorgeous Kate Spade has an entire collection this season that is clearly inspired by librarians. Really, you can't blame her because we are so awesome. The collection is even called "Geek Chic" which tells you all that you really need to know.

The Required Reading purse makes me want to cry it's so beautiful. My birthday is coming up (*cough* November 12th *cough*) and usually I'm very responsible about how I spend (or save) my birthday money, but at 32 I'm kind of in the mood to just put it all towards this gorgeous bag. Not only simply because I can but also because I am awesome and totally deserve it.

What are some of the things you're loving this week?

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

23 October 2013

phoenix rising and redefining progress

After signing up for Weight Watchers meetings, my weight has been so up and down that I'm basically back to the beginning, a mere 0.2 above my starting weight.

Here I've been paying for the monthly pass and two months later and I still haven't even hit my first five pound loss, let alone my 5% or 10% or any of that. I should feel frustrated, right? I should feel maybe even a little upset with myself for not being more focused. I mean, I am trying to lose weight and get back down to 175, right?


I've spent weeks now trying to formulate the words to write this post and then the awesome Emily comes along and basically does it for me on her blog by asking the question of how should we really define progress and success. But what really struck me was when she wrote:

Holy shit.

After reading that I asked myself the question I've been asking for weeks now: Why do I feel this sense of urgency to get back down to 175? What do I imagine will suddenly happen or change in my life if and when I do?

The first time I did Weight Watchers I was a senior in college and went from 269 down to 220 in about six months. Then something, well, snapped. The entire time I was losing that weight I had myself convinced that once I got down to a certain size or number, everything in my life would magically correct itself. When that didn't happen, I decided "Well, if I'm going to be unhappy I might as well be unhappy and eat whatever the hell I want" and thus packed it all back on plus some. Rinse and repeat a few years later and then you have me at 311 pounds.

I honestly believed that if I fixed what was wrong on the outside then I would automatically fix what was wrong on the inside.

Here's the flaw in that thinking: there is nothing wrong on the inside.

It sort of catches you off guard: not only being happy with yourself but actively liking who you are, because for a long time I didn't. I saw ever quirk as a flaw that needed to be eradicated or changed. Now, this almost-32-year-old feels strong and courageous. She takes risks and chances, like running a half marathon. She constantly challenges herself to improve, like buying my FitBit as a motivator to move more.

I look at pictures of myself and see a warrior woman and quite literally scoff at the notion that anything needs to change.

So, again, I ask: where am I getting the idea that I have to or need to lose another 30-50 more pounds? (150 is the high end of my healthy weight range based on the BMI chart). Yes, yes, I'm clearly overweight. Technically, I'm back to being obese. But I'm active and when my doctor runs tests the results are good and I rock clothes like nobody's business. Plus, I've done things at this weight that people smaller than me can't or haven't done so that has to count for something, yes?

I used to say I want to lose weight so the outside matches the inside.

Honestly, I don't even know what the hell that means anymore.

Actually, I'm pretty sure the moment I understood I'm happy and healthy at this weight was a few weeks ago when I realized I feel just as comfortable and confident out of my clothes as I do in them.

(Take that to mean what you will.)

My relationship with 200 pounds is different than other people. I don't weigh 200ish pounds after ballooning up after having kids. I'm not working towards getting back down to my high-school weight. Hell, I'm smaller now than I was at 18. Let that sink in for a moment. My class ring? Too big. Way too big. I can wear it on my thumb too big.

I weigh 200ish pounds after working my fucking ass off (literally) to get here and that needs to be celebrated in its own way.

So. Taking a step back, let's re-examine and figure out what my real goals are:

I want to exercise because I like how it makes me feel and I enjoy doing it, not as a means to an end.

I want to attend FitBloggin '14 and finally meet some of the awesome people I've gotten to know online.

I want to build a healthy intuitive relationship with food and practice the balance of healthy eating with occasional splurges.

I want to become a group fitness instructor of some kind.

I want to run more half-marathons, specifically from the Rock 'n' Roll Series so I can get some of those sweet Heavy Medals.

I want to wear clothes that leave me feeling comfortable and confident and buy them based on fit, not size (which explains a closet full of 12, 14, and 16s -- all of which I wear on a regular basis).

I want to be a constant inspiration to others and encourage their own desires to lead a healthy life.

I want to participate in the Tower of Terror 10 Miler and have a kick ass Ursula costume for it.

I want to find someone who loves and accepts me the same way I love and accept myself and until he shows up I'll continue being my fabulous single self.

I want to constantly challenge myself to do things I never thought possible and to never settle for less than I deserve.

Like Emily pointed out: nothing on this list has anything to do with what I weigh nor does my weight hinder my ability to do any of them. This isn't an amusement park where you have to be at least 48 inches tall. It's not like I have to weigh a certain amount to achieve any of these things.

Of course, it's scary and overwhelming and daunting to announce I weigh over 200 pounds and I'm okay with that, although it shouldn't be. But we live in a world where these things seem to matter and The Barbie Doll Complex is real. Then again, I've never labeled myself a weight loss blogger. From its inception, The Year of the Phoenix has always been a healthy living blog and I call myself a healthy living blogger. Health has always been my motivator, my ultimate end goal.

The most important part of that goal, however, is a healthy relationship with myself and that has to come from somewhere inside. That's not something the scale or a particular dress size can give me.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

21 October 2013

getting my spin on with harness cycle

Y'all know I love spinning, so when my friend Missy informed me a few months ago that a spinning studio was opening in the Ohio City neighborhood I was all over it and started paying attention the website and Twitter account to keep myself updated and informed. So last week when I saw the announcement for the opening weekend rides, I immediately signed up for the Sunday 10:00 am class which was being led by Danielle.

Source: Harness Cycle

Harness Cycle's eventual permanent home will be over on Detroit and West 29th, but for right now they have a temporary set-up at CycleLab which is located on West 25th. Both locations are super close to me me -- I'm talking easy walking distance -- which is way  better than having to drive 15 miles, which is what I had been doing. Let's all be honest: the more convenient exercise is, the more motivated you are going to be to do it.

The first thing I noticed was how friendly everyone was. The class was full of other instructors at the studio and while we were all setting up our bikes they were all going around and introducing themselves. The instructor Danielle had amazing energy and led a really really powerful class, with lots of upper arm movements which I always love. No hand weights but it sounds like those will be coming soon with future classes. The ride was intense but in a way that left me feeling strong and after I checked my FitBit and had racked up close to 6000 steps in class!

Next, I headed to my Weight Watchers meeting. With all the changes going on at work I'm no longer able to attend my usual Monday evening meeting but the Sunday meeting time was perfect. Having those two events back-to-back made for an excellent start to my week and I've already signed up for the class next Sunday, too! (I'm also thinking that Friday 6:30am class sounds really tempting. Crazy, but tempting.)

This week's classes are available online at $10 a class and are booking up fast, so if you're in Cleveland and looking for a spinning class in the 216 I highly recommend checking out the new Harness Cycle studio.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

18 October 2013

friday fitbit and kitchen fun

Because of all the changes going on at work, this was, to say the least, a very strange week. It's so hard to say goodbye to the place that has been a second home and the people that have been a second family for the past three years. But, that being said, the week did end with some really good news that also gives me an excuse to go shopping for new clothes so yay to that.

I also managed to totally rock it out with my FitBit this week: almost every work day I hit over 10,000 steps and the exception to that was Wednesday when I was at the other campus and sitting for most of the day but even then I got in over 9,000. My plan of taking the long way as I move around the buildings definitely contributed to all of those steps and now that I know it is possible to get high number of steps even when sitting a lot of my day I know I don't have much in the way of excuses for not regularly getting in those 10K steps. I might start doing a post every Friday where I recount my steps from the past week. Will be interesting to keep track that way.

Not only that, I was able to, well, take advantage of the closing of the building by acquiring some shelving units, like this one.

I am the type of person who loves cooking, baking, and kitchen gadgets but doesn't have a kitchen the size to meet all of her demands so additional space is always beneficial and this unit is perfect for my needs.

It also gives me an opportunity to show off my favorite piece.

This casserole dish is from the Corningware Country Festival line and was given to my mom at her bridal shower 30+ years ago. Considering my desire to give my kitchen a vintage vibe, she decided I could make better use of it than her so she a few months ago she gave it to me.

Another shelving unit I saved from the trash also made its way home with me, this time in my office. It's amazing how a clean, organized personal work space can make a gal feel all productive and creative.

Can you believe Halloween is two weeks away? Don't be afraid of the holiday with my survival guide!  

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

16 October 2013

the beginning of the end

I have mentioned a few times since the beginning of the year that a major factor behind my regaining some of my weight was from work stress. Our East campus is absorbing our West campus, which has been my home for the past three years and I absolutely adore it here and while I've been fortunate and given a transfer, the entire situation still makes me so sad. This week in particular has been incredibly surreal as it's been spent packing up West.

If there's one thing every librarian needs to learn early on it's that you can't get too attached to the physical books in your collection because there will inevitably come a time when you need to weed. That time came yesterday and I spent pretty much the entire day purging our collection. And by "purge" I mean getting rid of over 75% of it. Some of the books are coming with me to the other campus but the most are being left behind, either because they are obnoxiously outdated or there just isn't space/they are duplicates.

Still. It's pretty depressing and it was one of those things I just had to do without thinking about.

I will say, though, that it made for good exercise. Books are heavy, man, so even though the cart had wheels, after it was loaded with books it still took a lot of effort to roll it over to the dock on the other side of the building. And then I had to open the garage door by pulling the chain and that took work and after that there was the actual tossing of the books and because of the distance between the dock and the dumpster they literally had to be flung across the air. Then I pulled the chain to close the door and wheeled the cart back to the library. Rinse and repeat.

One of my coworkers brought in some pastries and I had some knowing I earned that cherry filled piece of dough.

Usually my day is spent sitting so it's been nice to rack up some awesome numbers on my FitBit! By the time I got home on Monday I was at 11K+ steps which, naturally, I took as a challenge for Tuesday. My lunch break was spent walking around the nearby mall window shopping and I might have actually clapped when I noticed I had already hit 10,500 steps before 4pm.

By the end of the day I had completely rocked my steps.

Oh, and the FitBit does sync with GymPact which is awesome, so as long as I get at least 10,000 steps it will count towards my GymPact goal.

Today I'm at the East campus and will be sitting for most of the day so it's going to be a challenge to find reasons to get up and walk around but I'm confident I'll be able to find the motivation, especially after seeing that big number yesterday.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

14 October 2013

monday motivation

Friday I was having a rough time with my food choices and found myself in need of some motivation, a little extra push to get back on the right track. Given that my blog's motto is Be Your Own Hero, it stands to reason that as much as I can I'll try and find my own motivation when needed. In this case, I decided to make up some little signs.

I chose to use some of my favorite inspirational quotes with fun backgrounds and after printing them out on my home computer, I posted them around my apartment in spots and places I thought would be helpful. Like, say, on my bathroom mirror or the wall of my office where my eyes tend to fall the most.

Others are in the kitchen, so I can't help but look at them when I'm opening up one of my cabinets.

I made a total of six little signs and so far even in just the few days I've had them up I've found them pretty helpful. Like, I'll kind of forget they are there and then all of a sudden I'll turn a corner into the room or my eyes will look at something else in that area and I'll see one.

One of the things Weight Watchers encourages with their new 360 program is that weight loss is more than just what you eat and how active you are. Having healthy environments to move through during the day will aid in encouraging you to continue making healthy choices, whether it's your home, your work place, even navigating the grocery store or while traveling. Putting up these little signs might seem like a small action but it's a way to actively make my living space a healthy space.

After putting them all around my apartment I decided to make them available for purchase in my Etsy shop! Right now you can get all six motivational signs to print out and put around your home for $5, but by using coupon code PHOENIXYEAR you can get 20% off your purchase (that's a store wide discount, too, so feel free to look around a little).

What are some ways you make your living space a healthy space?

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

11 October 2013

moving right along with fitbit

Between work and home I spend a lot of time sitting. I exercise a few times a week but how beneficial are those 30 or 40 minutes if the rest of my day is spent in a chair in front of a computer? It's one reason Weight Watchers created their Active Link, which only starts counting Activity Points after you've hit a base threshold of daily activity.

I know I should move more but it's hard to work up the motivation without any real way to quantify or compare it. Soooooo after months of debating it, I finally bought myself a new shiny.

Yes, ladies and gents, I have joined the ranks of FitBit owners!

I went with the Zip and just a few days in am already in love. I clip it on my bra and it's super discrete but also easy enough  to access during the middle of the day if I want to see how my progress is going. It really is amazing how something so little really does motivate you to get up and move.

So far at work I've found two ways to easily get more steps in, both involving the restroom actually. See, I split my time between two buildings and in both buildings my office area is really close to the restroom. So in Building One -- which is built like a big square -- I've started taking the long way around the building to the restroom and break room. In Building Two -- which has me on the second floor -- I've started using the restroom that is not only on the other side of the building but on the first floor, so I get stair climbing, too!

Yesterday was the first day I hit the recommended 10,000 steps but it wasn't as hard as I was anticipating, just took a bit of work and thinking ahead. Apparently, days I hit 10K will count towards my weekly GymPact goal, too. The syncing between apps can sometimes take up to 24 hours so I'm still waiting but that would definitely be an extra motivator.

Any other FitBit owners out there?

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

09 October 2013

genius is...

Hanging out in bed at 6:00 am, not ready to get up, and realizing that the display I made for my craft show a few years ago is perfect for my racing medals!

The one on the left is my half-marathon medal while the one on the right is the top fundraiser award I won at the Next Step Run For Shelter 5K back in November.

All that empty space really is a great motivator to sign up for more races to earn more bling.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

07 October 2013


I'm still in a little bit of awe that as of yesterday I have completed my first HALF-MARATHON! I feel like I've now joined the ranks of some super awesome club and it feels ahhhhhhmazing.

After setting out all of my race day gear Saturday night and a good take out dinner from Melt Bar & Grilled (hey, if you're gonna carbo load you might as do it right), I went to bed pretty early knowing I'd have to get pretty early Sunday morning. Of course, I was so excited and nervous that I ended up waking up about an hour earlier than my alarm but it was probably for the best as I was able to then leave my apartment early and made sure I got a decent parking space. (Both the start and finish lines were within walking distance and my parents easily could have driven me home, but since I was leaving when it was still dark out and live in not quite the best neighborhood I wasn't comfortable walking there so driving it was.)

The start line was, fittingly, at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum and based on predicted finish time I was in the last corral. When I first registered over a year ago I put a 3 hour finish time but as I got more into my training I knew it would probably be closer to 3:30 and I was completely okay with that so as I ran that was the time I was kind of aiming for.

Naturally I spent all week watching the weather and was a little nervous when they kept predicting thunder storms and while there was some drizzle as we were all lining up, the race itself was pretty dry. Of course, after my experience at the St. Malachi race in March I think I can run in pretty much anything.

Living in this city and having looked at the course map I knew the route was going to be mostly flat. That being said, there were two pretty big hills and I kind of loved how the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series put out these fabulous little signs along the way of each hill, like they knew those were the exact moments some of us would need a bit of encouragement.

Speaking of signs, the spectators for this were incredible. Cheerleaders from multiple school districts were represented and I ran into three friends! One I knew I'd see but the other two were lovely surprises.

My favorite sign, though, came from this adorable little red haired boy and it said You are all winners. Just have fun running! 


The route took us right in front of several of my friends' apartments and I told one that I estimated I'd be running through between 10:15 and 10:45, so when I turned the corner around 10:20 I felt really good and confident about my pace.

Let it be known I have the most amazing friends ever. Not only was Missy waiting with her camera ready but she also had a banner hanging over the railing of her balcony and my friend Lauren played with some sidewalk chalk in the streets.

Like I said: best friends a gal could ever have.

This was right before Mile Marker 8 and this is about where the heat and humidity and distance started to get to me and I had to start walking more. Mile 10 brought the second big hill of the course and then we had to cross the Lorain Carnegie Bridge. I was walking most of this, with little bursts of jogging, but I still felt pretty good about my time and when I walk during a race I'm power walking.

Shortly after turning onto Huron Road I saw Papa G. standing by waiting. Both he and Sissy were able to sign up for tracking so they both received periodic texts during the race about where I was. After he gave me a high-five and said the finish line was really close, I picked up my pace and finished strong with a time of 3:37:53!

I love this city so hard that it means so much to me to be able to sport this as my first racing medal.

I also may have spent part of yesterday looking up various running medal display racks as this is currently hanging on my bedroom wall. 

After, I immediately changed into flip flops and my parents and I headed to a quick lunch before I came home, took the most amazing shower, and then crashed.

I also got a nice surprise from my parents, Sissy and BIL:

Can't wait to put this on my charm bracelet!

I had a fantastic experience and am so glad I chose the Rock 'n' Roll Series for my first half marathon. I'd love to run this one again next year and RnR is a worldwide running series so the idea of traveling for one of their races (and then getting some Heavy Medal bling) isn't completely out of the question either.

Now, of course, comes the big question: Do I think I'll ever run a full marathon?

Oh hell no.

Look, I had an amazing time and I feel amazing. But 13.1 miles is a long fucking distance and because I'm a slow runner it takes me a long time. I can easily see myself running more half marathons, but no way in hell can I see myself doubling both the distance and time I did yesterday.

Then again, I never really ever saw myself becoming a runner either so who knows that may happen down the road.

Pun intended. 

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

04 October 2013

friday favorites: soup season!

It's first week of October and while mentally my body is ready to pull out my sweaters from storage, Mother Nature is not yet quite on my side as here in Cleveland we've had temps in the high 70s and low 80s this week.

That being said, it is autumn and if there is one thing I love about this season it's making a big ol' pot of soup for dinner so today I'm going to share with you some of my favorite soup recipes!

Some of these are from blogs so you'll have access to the recipes but some are from cookbooks I own and would highly encourage  you to consider purchasing them because while I'm only posting soup recipes, each of these cookbooks also has plenty of other amazing recipes you'll want to try. I'm using Amazon Affiliate Links in this post, which means if you purchase the item through my Amazon Store I get a cut. Just so y'know, wanting to be a responsible blogger and all. (But, of course, this librarian is also going to point out you can easily checkout cookbooks through your library as well, as it's a great way to try cookbooks first before buying.)

Right. Soooooooo onto the soups!

Coconut Red Lentil Soup from 101 Cookbooks
My friend Alexa first introduced me to this recipe a little less than a year ago when I was visiting her back in December. Since then I think I've made it, like, half a dozen times. This is, hands down, my absolute favorite soup.  I would make it every week if I could although as the weather gets colder I may just settle for every month. 'Cause, y'know, once a week would be kind of crazy. It's super easy and freezes really well. And while it says red lentils, which can be hard to find, any ol' lentils work just as well. (I did find out that Trader Joe's sells red lentils so that was a nice discovery.) I know some friends who take the raisins out, I tried that but didn't like it quite as much. They add a nice sweetness to counter the curry and I always opt for light coconut milk.

Cuban Black Bean Soup from Happy Herbivore Abroad
Who doesn't love a good ol' black bean soup? Chock full of protein, this soup also has a bit of a kick thanks to cumin. I love my black bean soup topped with a bit of avocado because, well, hello, avocado basically makes everything better.

Turkey Chili Taco Soup by Skinnytaste
I have never not liked one of Gina's recipes. They are soooooo good and I love that she always includes the Weight Watchers points. While this is an older recipe of hers I only just discovered it a few weeks ago while searching her site and am so glad I did. One thing I really like about her recipes is how adaptable they are. This calls for ground turkey but I just substituted Boca meat crumbles. I also decided to double the amount and cut back on the liquid (I used vegetable broth) to make a really chunky, really good chili. It was so easy, too: cook the meat, dump in everything else, let it simmer, and voila!

Tortilla Soup from Appetite for Reduction
This is another soup recipe that gets made pretty often. In fact, I'm fairly certain I took this to a family soup supper a few years ago and everyone seemed to enjoy it and every time I take leftovers into work I always have someone comment on how tasty it smells. This is a recipe that definitely gets made frequently during the colder months and you can easily play with the heat level (for instance, I usually skip the jalapenos) to get it right where you want it.

What are some of your favorite soup recipes?

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

02 October 2013

what I love wednesday: weight watchers smoothie mixes

While planning my recent trip to Washington DC, Sissy asked me if I would be willing to pick her up a box of the smoothie mixes that Weight Watchers sells and bring it with me.

To be honest, I didn't even really know that Weight Watchers sells smoothie mixes and since switching to Simply Filling I haven't been paying attention to any of the food available at my meeting location since they aren't considered Power Foods (or so I thought). But, since the smoothie mixes were on sale I bought Sissy the one she asked for and then bought a box of the mint cookies & cream mix for myself.

Mixing it with non-fat milk I mostly used it as a post-workout protein drink. Then, a couple of weeks ago, my leader mentioned how she's been blending the new Sweet Hazelnut Latte mix with her coffee to make a homemade fancy schmancy drink. Intrigued, I decided to buy a box and try it myself.

Not only is it absolutely delish but I noticed something on the box I hadn't noticed with the Mint Cookies & Cream.

That little green triangle indicates Weight Watchers considers their smoothie mixes Power Foods. That means they are Simply Filling!

In the beginning I used these as a special treat because I thought they had points assigned. Now I'm drinking them in the mornings with my breakfast and, thanks to the protein (Sweet Hazelnut has 7g, all of the others have 10g), they keep me full for most of the morning. I also like to amp up the flavor by using flavored coffee. So the hazelnut mix gets hazelnut flavored coffee. I also bought the Creamy Coconut mix and use it with my coconut mocha coffee.

One smoothie mix box is about $7.50, but with 7 packets in each box that's way cheaper than buying a similiar drink at, say, Starbucks. They also really are versitile, like with the coffee or mix it with milk like it suggests on the box. Brooke even came up with some awesome smoothie recipes that I can't wait to try.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus
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