30 April 2014

dressed for 13.1 miles of success

With the exception of themed races like The Christmas Story House 10K and St. Malachi, I don't really plan my race outfits. I just wear what's comfortable and, y'know, clean. During winter I obviously layer it up and have to plan for cold weather, but other than that I'm pretty last minute when it comes to what I wear on race day.

My next race is, of course, the Cleveland Half Marathon in just under three weeks and when I was at the CLE Clothing Company over the weekend and saw this shirt I, of course, had to buy it.

Seriously. How awesome is this shirt? (And for you CLE marathoners out there, they do offer a 26.2 version as well.)

I'm a huge fan of CLE Clothing Co.'s shirts and love showing my CLE pride when I'm in another city like Houston or Washington D.C. The green I Heart Cleveland Metroparks shirt I wore when attending the National Book Festival last September is probably my favorite shirt to work out in. Considering how I often I run in the Metroparks it is a natural fit but it's ridiculously comfortable to run in so when I saw this 13.1 bad boy I just knew I had to have it for my upcoming half. And probably every other half I ever run in the future. Because, y'know, why not?

(I also bought this It Will Always Be The Jake t-shirt as well and I am soooooo looking forward to breaking it in this Saturday at an Indians game with my friend Missy!)

Do you have a method for deciding what to wear on race day or a favorite shirt to run in?

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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