24 May 2014

everything is different the second time around

Who else is excited for Orange Is The New Black's return in a few weeks on June 6th?! I do miss me some Red and Tastee and even ol' Crazy Eyes, amirite?

While putting my playlist together a few weeks ago I was looking for songs to add and was reminded of the the show's title credits song, which is Regina Spektor's You've Got Time.

Despite hearing this song with every episode, I had never really listened to it. It wasn't until I was contemplating adding it to my playlist that I took the time to really sit and absorb the song and it hit hard. See, I'm at a point in my life where right now everything really is different the second time around. My second half-marathon was a very different experience than my first. My weight loss this time around is proving to be way more challenging than when I was at this same weight a couple years ago. But, on the flip side, certain personal relationships are proving to be far more enjoyable and positive with a bit of a reboot.

Different is not necessarily good or bad. Different is just, well, different. Different gets you out of your comfort zone of familiarity. Different challenges you. Different changes you. Hopefully for the better.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus


  1. I am definitely excited for the new season! I go through periods where I actually CRAVE change haha. I think I'm in one of those spurts right now.

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