04 June 2014

National Running Day 2014

Wahoo! It's June 4th which means it's National Running Day! This is a day when we runners celebrate our love of running and reaffirm why we run.

After crossing the finish line on Saturday, this is exactly how I felt: powerful and strong. I did not feel that way after the Cleveland Half, so it was a good feeling to remember why I run and the positive physical effects it can have along with reminding me of all the amazing things my body can do.

I also signed up for the Gordon Square 5K in July and I'm considering signing up for a June 5K if I can find one that fits my schedule. Weekends are getting a bit busy and, of course, then there's FitBloggin!

Another thing that I've been thinking about and researching is hosting a virtual run for my birthday. It's not until November, but I like to plan ahead and seeing as how I've never hosted a virtual run before so, y'know, looking into the logistics of medals and donating the proceeds. Plus, of course, I need to gauge interest so if I were to host a virtual 5K/10K, is that something you, Dear Readers, would be interested in?

Edited to add (after realizing not everyone may know what a virtual race is): This is basically a run you can run (or walk!) anywhere -- even on the treadmill! -- during the approved time period (most likely it will be as long as you run it during the month of November you'll be good to go). You pay a registration fee like any other race (as of right now it would be $25) and will also get a medal that I'll mail to you after the deadline. The proceeds from the registration fees will go to a non-profit of my choice (still working on the details) but because there's no overhead from a "real" 5K, more money will be able to go to the organization!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus


  1. I am running today - hill training (eek!) and have a race booked for this saturday - a 10km. I live in South Africa and would totally be keen to join a virtual race, how does it all work? Meg

    1. Hi Meg! I actually updated the post after seeing your comment to better explain a virtual race :)

  2. A virtual race is a great idea. Gotta start wearing my running shoes again!

  3. Count me in for a November Virtual 5k or 10k! November is a lovely time to run in Cincinnati and I'll be far enough postpartum that either distance should be fine. I've never heard of that but it's a neat idea.

  4. Is it a real medal? Where do you get something like that made?


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