01 November 2014

Weight Watchers Weigh In Week Four

Okay, so I gained a little bit but I totally anticipated it because I know I didn't make the best choices this week. BUT I'm taking it as feedback for what better choices I can make this upcoming week to have a better weigh-in next Friday. The fact that I gained 10 APs from all the running around yesterday is also extra motivation to stay on track.

BUT here is the rest of my costume, all put together!

Soooooo my friends and I did a group costume of Carnival Freaks and I'm the Torso Lady. This is a tricky costume because you have to create a costume with no legs and I was looking up actual Torso Ladies from the side show circuit way back when and came across an ad for a woman and she was being carried on, like, a pillow by this guy. Prior to that I had been contemplating looking like I was sitting on a table but after that I was obsessed with the idea of a guy carrying me (hence Rahoul) and started researching illusion costumes.

Rahoul himself is kind of creepy and I got all sorts of comments related to that. Not, just, comments from people trying to figure it out but just comments about Rahoul in general. Of course, I can't see that but after my friend Lauren took this pic I finally understood.

This is by far my most favorite costume I've ever done and I have no doubt I'll be saving this costume and recycling it in the future.

Also, I did run my race! But you'll have to wait and here more about that on Monday or Tuesday.

Also also! It's November! That means my Virtual Birfday 5K is officially open. Have you registered yet? Check out this post for more information.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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