30 December 2014

guaranteed way to stay on track at the holiday party

Have your Weight Watchers leader be the mother of one of your friends and have her show up at her son's Christmas soiree. 

True story. 

In all the years I have attended this annual event, this friend's mom has never been there. But this year, she was not only there, she was the first person I saw when I walked in the door. I, obviously, recognized her and she clearly knew she knew me but couldn't quite place me. It wasn't until she talked to her son that it all clicked. When I went down to reintroduce myself after everything was figured out, I'm standing there with my beer in hand and all I wanted to do was say "I promise I tracked this already!" 

I will say, though, (and I plan on telling her this at this week's upcoming meeting), that while it was a big surprise seeing her there in the end I think it was the best thing ever. Usually at this party I hover around the food table, which is covered with the usual party food of chips, dips, and lots and lots and lots of Christmas cookies. I will seriously spend all night grazing, not paying any attention to portions or even what I'm eating, really. Even when I did Weight Watchers in the past I'd go to that holiday party and kind of give myself permission to just say fuck it and eat whatever.

This year, though, I stayed far far away from the food table because all I could think was OMG what if my WW leader sees me mindlessly eating. When I finally did get some food I went for the raw veggies first, had some of the chips and dip, one very small dessert piece and tracked everything. Man on mangoberry was I surprised how quickly those points added up. Which then, of course, made me think about how much I must have been consuming in the past.

I have not done as well this holiday season as I would have hoped, being up both last week and the week prior. Womp womp. Whatever. It's my own fault. So this past weekend I tried to focus a lot more on making better food choices with that Christmas party being the first test. Saturday night, BC and I met Sissy and BIL for dinner at Barrio which is a fancy build your own taco joint and it's really really easy to get in to trouble because they have all sorts of crazy taco shells. Like, way more advanced than just hard or soft. Think hard + soft + guac + queso + whatever fillings you actually put inside. 

BUT I WAS NOT GOING TO FALL INTO THAT TRAP THIS TIME. Oh, no. THIS time I went for a bowl, so the fillings minus the shells. It was the first time I'd tried the bowl option and it was actually really good (and made me feel way less guilty about the two beers I drank that night). Definitely something to consider next time we go. 

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

22 December 2014

will the real slim jilly please stand up

I'm not sure about you all, but I'm kinda floored that it's already Christmas. Well, y'know, in three days but you catch my drift. I'm still not entirely sure where 2014 went, the past six months or so have just flown by. Today and tomorrow are my only days of work this week and, really, the last two days working in 2014. After tomorrow I don't have to return to work until January 5th! 

Being so close to the end of the year means getting down to the wire with the book I've been working on since August. A completed rough draft is due January 6th with the full materials due January 20th. I'm going to be done early no doubt, but with the deadlines looming I've been working on getting all my ducks in a row and plan on spending the week after Christmas working both on finishing up the book and making some changes to my Etsy shop (which hit 200 sales last week!)

This means that I'm going to be spending the next few weeks at the computer. This, of course, would normally mean lots of sitting but I decided that was unacceptable so I decided to get a little creative. 

Originally the monitor was much much lower but as my sister pointed out it's necessary for the back to have the screen more at eye level, a fact I quickly figured out after standing for only about 15 minutes with my eyes cast down. So yesterday afternoon I headed to Target and picked up the six cube organizer. Not only does it get the monitor at a more manageable level but adds extra storage space, too! 

I'm honestly surprised it took me this long to get a standing desk, but I just spend so much time in front of the computer on weekends, working on various projects and it's only recently that I realized how much sitting I do because of it. Hopefully this will help me get just some extra steps in at random. Bonus, now I can also dance in place while working!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

15 December 2014

mama's still got it

I admittedly have not been running at all since mid-October and the Running the Bridges  race. I completed the Bernie Shuffle 5K a couple weeks later, but that I walked so I've been a little out of practice in the actual running arena.

But then I was announced as a CLEmarathon Ambassador and decided I'm running the half and then I registered for the St. Malachi 5 mile race which is held every March and then I started to get a little nervous.

My awesome sister has started doing Couch to 5K and is totally rocking it. I know this for a fact because she was in town over the weekend and Saturday morning we went to with our dad to his gym and she and I were on side-by-side treadmills and I got to watch her. For someone who has never run before she's killer and runs at a really nice pace.

A couple weeks ago I mentioned to her that I was considering doing C25K over again as a means of getting back into my running groove. That's how I started running way back in the beginning, about two years ago, and it clearly worked and it seemed like a good way to get back to basics in a way. But while we were at the gym I decided to just see where I am in terms of running after taking so much time off.

When I trained for the Cleveland Half back at the beginning of the year, I built a playlist that included walking breaks. Utilizing armed forces marching chants for the walking segments, I would walk about 3 minutes, run 12-13, rinse and repeat. It worked really well and I'm planning doing the same thing when I train for the 2015 half.

So the playlist is still on my Spotify app and so on Saturday while at the gym I decided to try it out, again, just to kind of gauge where my body is at this point. Turns out, I'm still in pretty good shape! I did two miles on the treadmill with the run/walk alternating and while I was my usual slow self, considering I haven't been running at all I was quite happy with my ability to keep running for those 12 or 13 minute segments.

Obviously being able to run 2 miles is still a long way off from being able to run 13.1 but luckily I'm not training yet and I'm still planning on starting C25K over again as a means of starting to train for St. Malachi and to build up my legs a bit more to conquer those 5 miles.

Even better, though, I got done with those two miles and felt amazing. Part of my recent retreat from running was from having lost my mojo but those miles were one of those runs were I was reminded of why I love running so much. Hopefully I can jump on that motivation train and keep it going.

Love from the ashes
Lady Lazarus

06 December 2014

writing and racing and blogging, oh my!

So, suffice it to say things have been a wee bit busy over here in my corner of the Land of Cleves, but all in really awesome ways. For starters, I know I've mentioned I've been working on a book. It's non-fiction, about my hometown, and the rough draft of the text is due to my editor exactly one month from today. So, y'know, if you don't see me out and about in the ol' social media sphere over the next four weeks, that's why.

(BC is going out of town for New Years to attend a concert with his friends and last night I told him to not take it the wrong way but I'm actually glad he won't be here because I'm gonna be holed up in my apartment writing that final week of 2014 and this way I won't feel bad about abandoning him.)

Second, thank you to everyone who donated or registered for my Virtual #Birfday5K! Medals arrived and I'm so pleased with them, like I can't even. Hosting the 5K made a huge dent in my progress and your generosity means so much to me and my favorite non-profit the Cleveland International Film Festival so THANK YOU.

I'll be mailing them out this weekend and because I had to buy in bulk I have a few leftover if anyone would like to register at a reduced price and help me get a little closer to that sponsorship goal....... (*wink wink*)

Third, I've had two awesome opportunities come my way. The first was finding out I was chosen to be an Ambassador for the 2015 Cleveland Marathon! Among other things this means I get a free race entry to any of the marathon weekend events and I'm going to use this as a chance to tackle my third half-marathon. After the rough 2014 half and then the RnRCLE getting cancelled I just need to run at least one more to know that my first half marathon wasn't a fluke.

Next, I'm now part of the oh-so-awesome FitBloggin Social Media Team! I'll be manning the Twitter feed Monday mornings so be sure to say hi. For awhile now I was worried I financially wouldn't be able to attend FitBloggin in June for financial reasons but after looking things over again I think I'll be okay after all.

Finally, of course, my weight loss. I fully earned the 3.4 pounds I gained after Thanksgiving although, to be honest, I did okay the day of. The majority of that weight came from the prior six days. I lost .8 at my meeting yesterday which I was a little disappointed by, hoping for more. (Luckily Kelly snapped me out of that way of thinking!)

Our meeting focused on the whys of weight loss. Why did we walk through that door to our very first meeting? Why do we want to lose weight? The interesting thing is that I participate in a weekly Weight Watchers chat on Twitter each Wednesday and we had already done this so when we were writing our lists in my meeting I had already had my answers. But then something my leader said gave me pause and I had to confront another why that I had been trying really really hard to ignore. And before I knew it I was in the middle of my meeting crying like an idiot. Luckily I don't think anyone noticed -- except, of course, for my leader who gave me a hug after the meeting -- and I'm fairly confident that I'm far from the first person to cry in a meeting.

The reason itself is, well, maybe not unimportant but not something I really want to talk about at this particular moment in time. But I do know that I  can use it as momentum to keep moving forward because it honestly makes me question everything I said in my last post about not losing weight. I think there's a part of me that uses that as an excuse to not do the work, to not put forth the effort, to not have to address the whys.

If nothing else, this moment confirms it's important for me to continue to go to Weight Watchers meetings regardless of how I want to proceed with the number on the scale.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus
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