17 April 2015

spring clean your wardrobe courtesy of modcloth

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Spring has sprung and I for one am so very very happy to pack away my heavy sweaters and boots for lighter fun frocks. Luckily, one of my favorite online shopping destinations, ModCloth, has me covered in that area. Especially when it comes to dress.

So! This morning, while I'm out running 8 miles for this week's half-marathon training long run, I figured I'd turn this into a Fashion Friday post with some of my latest dress finds from ModCloth.

Good Enough To Eat dress, $69.99

My favorite part about this is...well, nope, okay, I have two favorite parts. First, the pop art style is to die for. Second, it goes up to a 4X. Seriously, ModCloth is so plus-size friendly, it's utterly amazing.

Myrtlewood and Many More Dress, $94.99

Polka dots! And the back of that dress is absolutely adorable, too. Looking at it from the front I never would expect twisted back straps like that, it's a nice little surprise.

Only thing I love more than polka dots? Cherries.

Pull Up a Cherry Dress in White, $64.99

True story.

Also, I seriously want the job of naming all of their dresses.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

1 comment:

  1. Love the dresses. Especially the first one. Reminds me of Saved by the Bell


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