22 July 2015

#wycwyc-ing it at work

So, I mentioned on Monday that I was starting a new job this week and OMG YOU GUYS. LIKE I SERIOUSLY CANNOT EVEN.

The company is way into healthy living while at work and offer so many awesome perks, I hardly know where to begin.

Let's just start with the fact that every day at lunch they offer fitness classes on site. Every. Single. Day. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays are Cross Fit. Mondays also have Zumba. Thursdays are Yoga. Tuesdays is basketball. With a locker room and showers on site, once I get settled in I am totally taking advantage. Especially since learning that several of the women on my team also participate in some of the classes. There's also a walking trail around the building which will be nice if I just need to take five minutes to get outside (and get my steps in!) and a three hole golf course if I ever feel so inclined (lololol).

I also saw one stability ball chair and one standing desk. I'm sure there are more, those were just the two I spotted (to be fair, a standing desk would be pretty obvious as our cubicle walls are pretty low). More than that, on second notice yesterday I'm pretty that standing desk is a treadmill desk. I have a stability ball just hanging out in my home office -- I'm tempted, not gonna lie.

They have incentives to participate in the various healthy activities by getting Wellness Points. You can collect points throughout the year by attending classes, going to the your physical exam at the doctor, even my off-site Weight Watchers meetings count! At the end of the year, if you have certain amount of points you can get prizes like t-shirts and various gift cards.

One really cool thing they also offer is a local organic farmers market type situation that will deliver directly to the office. We can order online, picking out exactly what we want, and once a week our produce, pasta, breads, will show up. How utterly amazing is that? (Especially considering I looked at the prices and they aren't that bad!)

I know I still haven't even finished my first full week yet so much of this is still the rose colored classes going on, but seriously. I'm already in love with this company and so glad I made the leap.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus


  1. Awesome! So happy for you! This sounds like a really good fit!

  2. This sounds awesome! Now I want to know where you work & if they wanna hire me, too... ;)

  3. I totally want to work there!


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