20 October 2015

10K Training Tuesday: Week Three

Monday: 20 minute walk
Tuesday: 1.5 miles
Wednesday: 1.5 miles
Thursday: Speedwork
Friday: 25 minute walk
Saturday: 3 miles
Sunday: Rest Day

The problem with Sunday races when you're in training mode is that when Monday roles around the last thing you want to do is go run some more. At least that's how it is for me. My training plan had me scheduled for a 30-35 minute run but as soon as I woke up I knew that wasn't going to happen. At least not before work. So then I told myself I'd just do it after work. That rarely works out either and sure enough I got home Monday and hadn't planned well because I had a podcast interview that night, too, and I luckily managed to squeeze in a short 20 minute walk that was really just me taking advantage of my Wii Fit but whatever gets the job done, amirite?

Of course, walking on Monday counted towards one of my cross-training days so when I woke up Tuesday I knew I had to run, no excuses. This, alas, meant skipping spinning but sacrifices sometimes have to be made.

For my speedwork on Thursday I tried something new: Mona Fartleks. For these, it's time based instead of distance based: 2x90 secs, 4x60 secs, 4x30 secs, 4x15 secs. Between each repetition you recover for the same amount of time (I walked). I surprisingly really liked it. I say surprisingly because I'm not used to running for that length of duration -- ever since I started doing intervals, the most I've run has been maybe a minute, but I found it wasn't too difficult running for these slightly longer periods of time. Plus, the fact that the duration of the run changed kept the speedwork interesting and not super repetitive and I was done in 20 minutes. I'll definitely be doing it again.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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  1. I love this sentence: "I found it wasn't too difficult running for these slightly longer periods of time." Isn't it a great feeling when you discover your body is totally capable of doing more than you gave it credit for?! Go, girl!


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