23 October 2015

Face the Scale Friday: Week Ten

Daily Points: 38
Weekly Points used this week: 49/49
Activity Points earned this week: 26
Points remaining at end of week: 22

Weight lost this week: +0.8
Total weight lost: -5
Starting weight: 259.8
Current weight: 254.8

Oh man, I was so on this week. I made good food choices, I worked out a bunch with my 10K training, I earned a bunch of APs and only ate a few. I did awesome work.

And gained 0.8 pounds.

Eh. Can't win them all. I mean, I know I made good choices even if they are represented on the scale this week. All I can do is keep on keepin' on. And, taking the long view, 5 lbs after 10 weeks is 1/2 a pound a week which, to be honest, is pretty average in a long-term kind of way so I can't be too upset about that.

Love from the ashes,

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