08 January 2016

I'm Back, Baby!

I've mentioned before that I am running the 5K/10K Challenge Series as part of the Cleveland Marathon in May but what I haven't mentioned is that I have been asked back to be an Ambassador!

I had so much fun last year and met some amazing other runners. These are the folks who I ran the Akron Marathon Relay with and I am so excited to get to run and train with them again, plus our two new Ambassadors as well!

I'm also incredibly grateful that the Cleveland Marathon is happy to have this here turtle representing them, I think it speaks volumes about the organization as a whole that they want to have runners of different abilities as Ambassadors.

When they first asked us back I debated which distance I wanted to run. Initially I wanted to go with the half marathon again, but my instinct told me to go for the 5K/10K Challenge. I'm really glad I trusted my gut because spring is gonna busybusybusy. I'll be moving in a couple months plus, of course, there's the book and, well, I can't imagine I'd do well if I attempted to fit half-marathon training into all of that, too!

Because of that I won't be officially in training for awhile, but I'm working on maintaining my base and current fitness level so I'll still be writing and running and all that jazz.

Want to run with me? Go check out fellow Ambassador Jessica's blog for a chance to win a free race entry! We'll all be giving them away over the next couple months so be sure to follow all of us.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus


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