02 February 2016

Return of Training Tuesday!

Because I'm running the 5K/10K Challenge Series at this year's Cleveland Marathon, I don't really have to start training for another month or so. But all of my fellow ambassadors are already training and I'm feeling kind of left out. I know that I can just, like, y'know, run and cross-train and stuff but it's winter and cold and dark out. So, basically I have zero motivation to maintain an unstructured workout regimen. I deal much better with a set schedule or training plan. I like having things to check off.

One new thing that's getting added into my schedule is Zumba!

When I started my new job back in July I was super excited to be working for a company that is really proactive about encouraging healthy living among employees, going so far as to offer fitness classes during lunch. I was actually really excited about the fitness classes but it took me six months to work up the nerve to work out with co-workers. I mean, y'know, there's that whole changing in the locker rooms and getting all sweaty and making an ass of myself and then going back to work.

But a couple weeks ago I finally decided to give Zumba a try and I had so much fun! They offer it twice a week and the Monday session includes something similar to strength training which is definitely something I need in my life.

So check back next Tuesday to see how my first week went!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus


  1. I LOVE Zumba! You'll have fun!

  2. I love lunch break workouts! A little weird swing peeps you work with but it's awesome! Great job Jill!

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