10 February 2016

Weigh In Wednesday: Week Twenty Five

Starting weight: 259.8
Last Week: 260.2
This week: 262.4
Weight lost this week: +2.2
Total weight lost: +2.6

It inevitably happens that after about a month or so of doing really well on the food front, I get so bored of it all and have what basically amounts to a "cheat weekend." That would have been this past weekend, so the gain was expected and earned. I'm not worrying about it whatsoever and for the past couple of days have been right back on track to eating my good, healthy, nutritious food (and for the most part not being bored by it).

The funny thing is, despite the scale I've noticed that certain articles of clothing are fitting differently. Better. Looser. A dress and shirt in particular I put on and was pleasantly surprised by how they fit and felt. So remember, don't always judge your progress by the number on the scale.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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