23 September 2016

Summer Meltdown #Anklegate


Holy shit, you guys.


Right, so yesterday I had my final follow-up appointment with the Bone Doc. It was the most anti-climactic appointment ever. I go in, I have x-rays taken. He comes in and is basically like "Yeah, we're all done here. Call if you have any issues down the road."

It was a little more nuanced than that but not really. I saw him for a grand total of, like, five minutes. He suggested maybe wearing the air cast every once in awhile for the next two months -- like if I'm walking on really uneven ground or in a situation where there's a big crowd ("Like a Brown's game" LOLOLOLOLOL) but other than that I'm good without it.

Naturally I asked about exercise. He said I can resume low impact stuff like my spinning and yoga. But running I have to hold off for six more weeks.

But, okay, whatever. I have a date. I have a plan. I can walk for exercise which, as he pointed out, will help to start build up my base over the next six weeks.

In other news, let's talk about tomorrow, shall we?

Tomorrow. Oh, tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the day I was supposed to run the Akron Half-Marathon.

Tomorrow is the day I was supposed to get a half-marathon Personal Record (PR).

I registered for this back in January as soon as registration opened. I was all ready. I had a new training plan and was ready to put the work in.

Then, of course, there was #Anklegate. Not only did that fuck up my Cleveland Marathon weekend races, it fucked up my Akron Half, too. Because I apparently have the slowest healing bone ever.

Okay. No biggie, because, see, the National Book Fest in D.C. in this weekend, too, and Stephen King is a headliner (anyone reading an advanced ready copy of my book Running with a Police Escort knows I'm a huge Stephen King fan). So, BC and I made plans to drive to D.C. for that.

Only, then, about a month ago, BC tore his patella tendon and had to have surgery and is now homebound for the next couple of months.

No traveling to Washington, D.C. for us.


Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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  1. This is the second fall in a row I have to back out of a race due to injury. And I got an email yesterday from Akron saying I'd been added to the SEEDED coral. OMFG. And I can't run. Ugh. I'm going to have them mail my packet to me anyways, just so I can have a bib that says seeded. I know it can be worse and I shouldn't complain. But I need to vent and be bummed about this. Just for a little.


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