28 September 2016

What I Love Wednesday: CowCow

When I say "CowCow" you probably imagine something like this:

Unless you're already in the know, what you don't imagine is something like this:

Why yes. Yes that is a dress with Carousel Horses all over it.

Orrrrr how about Unicorns?

So CowCow is this amazing dress company with fabulous frocks at super affordable prices (I recommend going through Amazon where everything is $20 or below. It's more expensive on their direct website).

My friend Terri has posted pictures of hers and when I decided I was in need of a wardrobe reboot I asked here where the dresses came from and she told me. I bought the carousel horse one just to try it out and as soon as it came and I tried it on I, no joke, went back online and ordered five more that night including the Gradient Unicorn dress, Popcorn dress, and, just in time for Halloween, this Spiderweb dress.

I also may or may not have another five waiting in my cart that I'm trying to show some restraint with purchasing. One would make an awesome Miss Frizzle dress if I ever decided to go as her for Halloween. Considering I have red hair and work at a book company, this is not a horrible idea.

Actually. I feel like any of these dresses would make awesome Miss Frizzle dresses....

Anywho. CowCow. Go. Buy. Enjoy.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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