03 October 2016

Less Than 100 Days

I have a book coming out in January! January 3, to be exact, which is three months from today! That's, like, less than 100 days, y'all.

Just about a year ago I was working on my book proposal, which I sent to Skyhorse hoping they'd accept it and offer me a contract. WHICH THEY TOTALLY DID. So then I spent the next months writing it and then I spent the summer editing and proofreading it. A couple of weeks ago my awesome editor sent me a proof of the photo interior that will be in the middle of the book and now it's really just a matter of waiting until publication day!

Soon I'll also start having discussions with my publicist about author visits and such (which is just so weird to think about) but hopefully there will be opportunities for all of my non-Cleveland area readers and friends to come see me! Once I start having firm dates and details I will, of course, keep all of you updated in case you're interested in coming to an event!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

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