13 January 2017

Fitness Friday: Week Two


I don't know about you, but this has been the longest week EVER.

Friday: 1.25 mile run
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: FitStar Yoga
Monday: 1 mile run + FitStar Workout
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 1 Mile Run + FitStar Workout
Thursday: Yoga

I usually hate paying for apps, especially ones that are on the pricey side or have a monthly fee but I AM SO HAPPY I signed up for FitStar (I have the free version of their yoga app for now, I'm undecided on upgrading but if I keep to a weekly schedule it might be worth it).

Admittedly I am horrible about doing any kind of strength training -- my workouts are mostly cardio but I also know that getting some strength training in is super important and I love how easy FitStar makes it. Especially when I work it into my running routine.

The "program" I'm on is supposed to be done 4x a week but I'm just doing it at my own pace, usually after my Monday and Wednesday morning runs, which are, for right now, on the short side while I work on building up speed and then I reserve Friday mornings for working more on endurance and building up distance.

(Ha, look at me, sounding like I know what I'm talking about LOL)

Also, I'm sure I've mentioned this before but if not: I've been asked to come back as a Cleveland Marathon Ambassador!

This is my third year representing the back of the pack for the city that I love and, as always, I'm so excited to be a returning Ambassador, especially for the 40th race!

Last weekend I was at my book signing (I so fancy) and the store employee asked when my last race was.

"Almost a year ago. LULZ."

Soooooo here's hoping another injury doesn't sideline me before the Cleveland 10K again this time around.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus


  1. Yes!!! What was it about last week that seemed like three years!!!

    Good work on the exercise! I am horrible with strength training also...and I know I have to rectify that!!!

  2. Knowing what you have got accomplished and what's nonetheless to be accomplished is that the main ingredient for setting higher fitness goals. Click to read


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