13 March 2017

St. Malachi Race Recap + Cleveland Marathon Giveaway!

Saturday was the annual St. Malachi race, one of my absolute favorite races in Cleveland. This was my fifth time running it and while it wasn't nearly as snowy and icy as the first time, it was super cold and windy.

BC: 27 degree race today, huh?
Me: That's just the high for the day. It's 19 degrees now.
BC: ..... Oh babe.

Thankfully I have those compression socks to help the circulation in my legs and keep them warm, although they also made me look very underdressed.

I ran the two mile distance again which, not gonna lie, I really like, if only because the staggered start between that and the 5 mile means the after party is still in full swing by the time I'm done and the 5 mile race hasn't even started yet.

That's always one of my pet peeves as a slow runner, when the finisher's village or what have you packs up all their shit early so that it's a ghost town by the time I arrive to the finish line.

This is also a race with a lot of walkers so there's always a big group of people surrounding me which is always really nice, too!

I was really nervous about this race. I haven't raced in, literally, a year and I haven't run a distance over 1.5 miles in 10 months. I was hoping that the excitement of race day would help motivate me and, thankfully, it did! It also pushed me to run a little faster than I have been in my training: for weeks now I've been hovering around 19 minute miles but my average at St. Malachi was 18:09. Still slow, but you know me: that's kind of my thing.

SPEAKING OF ....... it's my weekend to give away a free entry to any single distance at the Cleveland Marathon races! AND AS A BONUS I'm going to throw in a signed copy of my book Running With A Police Escort. Keep it for yourself, give it to a friend or family member or fellow slow runner in your life, but you'll get the book and the race entry and ZOMG SO MUCH RUNNING FABULOUSNESS IN ONE GIVEAWAY.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner will be emailed at the conclusion of the giveaway and have 48 hours to respond. Cleveland Marathon prize is good for single distances only and not valid for the Challenge Series. 

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus


  1. Great job at your race! I've usually done 13.1 in Cle so that's probably what I'd do, although it might be time to start trying to race a 10k.

  2. I can't imagine racing in 19* weather. Nice work! #pickme #pickme

  3. Awesome job! Racing in 19 degrees just makes you feel like more of a BA when you finish :)

  4. Good job - especially in the conditions! I can't wait until spring - today we're getting a blizzard (in PA).

  5. I've done the half several times, and although the new route looks good, I think I want to go back to where my distance running started: the 10k. (That course looks a lot better than it did when I did it back in 2011.)

  6. I'd be up for the half. I need redemption from the blizzard last year ,haha!

  7. I want to run the half again!

    1. I don't know why it showed up as MyBlog, but itsa me! Email address is sshikner10@jcu.edu :-)

  8. Nice work! I want to run the full. I've got lots of family in Cleveland, so I'm excited for lots of course support.

  9. I'm in for the half! I've got a personal goal for my next half, so I might as well accomplish that goal in Cleveland!

  10. I really would LIKE to run the full at Cleveland, but haven't really been training. So I guess the half would be the more logical choice. Then again, logical race choices have never really been my jam.


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