20 September 2017

These Boots Are Made For Walking

I have a confession to make, you guys:

I spent all of last winter and last fall walking around with my boots only half-zipped because my calves hate me.

When I went boot shopping last fall, I only tried the boot on my left foot/leg because that's the leg that had the blood clot and had been huge and I thought "Well, if I can get it on over this leg, I should be fine with the other." I found a pair of boots I loved, zipped it up over the left leg, then bought them.

What I hadn't taken into account is that because of my broken ankle, the right leg spent much of the summer doing all of the work which meant that my right calf got an increase workout for several months and thus grown in size. I didn't discover this until the first time I tried to wear the boots and couldn't zip it up over my right calf.

But, fuck it. I loved these boots and I wanted to wear these boots and I was going to wear these boots regardless of whether or not I could zip them up.

So, I did.

All fall and winter I just walked around my office at work with my boots zipped up to the bottom of my calf. Some days my left leg behaved, some days it didn't, so, yeah, I was literally walking around with both of my boots only half-zipped.

Thinking about it now I am mortified. What a hot fucking mess I must have looked like.

The thing is, I love these boots. And it's not like they are anything special, just some basic black pair I bought for maybe $40 at Payless last year. But to me they are pretty much the most perfect pair of boots ever and so once I realized they didn't fit both legs, I didn't want to deal with returning them and then starting the hunt over again.

This year, I decided to be an adult and finally invest in a set of Boot Bands and omg, you guys. I can't even.

For those that don't know, Boot Bands are boot expanders. They are a small triangle that you can zip right into your boot, eliminating the gap that will appear when you can't zip them all up on their own.

Admittedly, figuring out how to attach and zip the first time was a very frustrating, twenty minute long process where I was ready to just send the stupid things back until I decided to check YouTube and found a video that showed me I was attaching them incorrectly. Once I got it all squared away, I was officially in love.

Yeahhhhhhh that looks way better than walking around with the zipper halfway down my boot.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

12 September 2017

It's Fall, Y'All

Okay, technically fall is still officially a week or so away but Sunday we had football on our TV, chili in the crockpot, and Oktoberfest beer in our fridge, and yesterday I broke out my black boots so whatever, I'm calling it.

Also, this cat .gif seems appropriate to represent my whole coming out of unintentional blogging hibernation.

Along with wearing my fabulous knee-high black boots, yesterday I also had a follow-up appointment with my vascular surgeon, Dr. Stanley. Last time I saw him was back in March which holy shit, seems like a fucking lifetime ago and not just a mere six months.

I'm now over one year post-deep vein thrombosis and I had know at my last appointment back in March he said my leg was looking good and this was just a follow-up. When he walked in, he said "How's my runner doing?" and my leg is still looking good, thanks to my compression socks. (I can't believe I was so reluctant to wear them for months. Months, I tell you. Then, once I just accepted my fate and started wearing them, oh, hey, turns out they work really well.)

Speaking of accepting my fate, the one thing we didn't discuss was a change in my medication. I'm pretty much now convinced I'm going to be on blood thinners for life which, ugh. Honestly, I'm mostly lamenting all the tattoos I won't ever be getting because the blood thinners would fuck up the healing process. This is not helped by the fact that my co-worker got the most amazing Harry Potter tattoo a couple of weeks ago and I AM SO JELLY.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus
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