26 January 2017

Real Runners Virtual Summit

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A couple of months ago, my friend Katie Heddleston asked if I'd be interested in participating in her Real Runners Virtual Summit I, of course, said yes.

What is the Real Runners Virtual Summit? From the website: 

  • A place to grow as a runner while receiving expert advice, tips, and inspiration. 
  • A place to connect with fellow runners, run coaches, an exercise physiologist, a dietitian, book authors, and more.
  • A place to feel comfortable asking questions to the speakers on their expert topic. 
  • We are experts with passion, bringing a community of real runners together for this first virtual summit.
Starting February 20th, for 10 days all participants will receive links to a total of 26 master class sessions led by leading experts in the running community including yours truly and even Rachel, one of my fellow Cleveland Marathon Ambassadors! It's really two weeks -- you'll take a break from classes and are encouraged to do a virtual run with the other participants. How cool is that?

My session is, naturally, all about being a slow runner and there are lots of other really great sessions happening over the course of the summit. 

There will also be a Facebook group where you'll get to interact with me and all of the other session leaders! 

Early Bird registration opens on February 1st so if you want to join the party, I highly recommend you do it before the price increase on February 6th. 

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

23 January 2017

the limelight

This past weekend I gathered with friends and family to celebrate the official book launch of my memoir Running With a Police Escort! The party was held at Mahall's and it was magical.

Thanks Gwynnie Bee for the dress!

When I started planning the party back in October, I had zero idea how many people to expect. Later I found out it was the same weekend as the American Library Association's Midwinter conference, which meant lots of my professional colleagues and co-workers wouldn't be able to attend, and then, of course, Trump won the election and it was inauguration weekend and so many of my fierce feminist friends were marching.

But we still ended up with a good turnout: both BC and Sissy told me they counted about 50 people. I also expected many people to have pre-ordered the book but, nope, I ended up selling (and signing!) a whole bunch.

I also gave a reading from the book and then spent the rest of the time just mingling.

It was such a surreal experience because it really was this gigantic intersection of so many different people in my life: family, friends, co-workers, and peers. Some people I hadn't seen in years, like my college roommate Megan (oh, yes, the same one in the book) but the absolute biggest surprise was seeing my old yoga instructor Jessica. Y'all remember Jessica? Oh man, it was so good seeing her and, honestly, when I looked up from the table I didn't recognize her at first -- or, well, I guess my brain didn't immediately process that it was her because it had been so long.

(It also reminded me how much I miss having a weekly yoga practice. I still get yoga in sometimes but I'm nowhere near as dedicated as I was when I first started five years ago.)

If you'd like to come see me at a signing, I keep an events page on my website. Right now, my next scheduled event isn't until May but I have lots of things in the works so be sure to check back on a regular basis.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

20 January 2017

Fitness Friday: Week Three

The struggle is real, y'all.

For whatever reason -- or, well, perhaps for multiple reasons -- my depression and anxiety have been at peak levels all week. I haven't exercised since Monday and on Tuesday I had a complete freak out over something completely stupid and I'm like crying and texting BC and thankfully he was perfectly chill and took it in stride.

That said, he did point out that today is the inauguration of President Trump and tomorrow I have my book release party and so, y'know, perfectly reasonable things to stress me out. And then I had a check in call with my Eating Psychology Coach on Wednesday and she asked if it could be hormone stuff. I've had my IUD for about two months now and my cycle is all fucked up but, yes, definitely some hormone shit happening right now, too.

So, right. Fitness Friday.

I walked for about 20 minutes on my treadmill on Monday and then did a FitStar workout.

And, um, yeah. That was it.

I also didn't read, like, at all this past week and while that might not seem like much, for me, that's almost always the one indicator I have that my depression is in full swing: my inability to read. But over the past couple of days I've been reading a little bit before bed (and one morning when I first woke up) so there's light at the end of the tunnel.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

13 January 2017

Fitness Friday: Week Two


I don't know about you, but this has been the longest week EVER.

Friday: 1.25 mile run
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: FitStar Yoga
Monday: 1 mile run + FitStar Workout
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 1 Mile Run + FitStar Workout
Thursday: Yoga

I usually hate paying for apps, especially ones that are on the pricey side or have a monthly fee but I AM SO HAPPY I signed up for FitStar (I have the free version of their yoga app for now, I'm undecided on upgrading but if I keep to a weekly schedule it might be worth it).

Admittedly I am horrible about doing any kind of strength training -- my workouts are mostly cardio but I also know that getting some strength training in is super important and I love how easy FitStar makes it. Especially when I work it into my running routine.

The "program" I'm on is supposed to be done 4x a week but I'm just doing it at my own pace, usually after my Monday and Wednesday morning runs, which are, for right now, on the short side while I work on building up speed and then I reserve Friday mornings for working more on endurance and building up distance.

(Ha, look at me, sounding like I know what I'm talking about LOL)

Also, I'm sure I've mentioned this before but if not: I've been asked to come back as a Cleveland Marathon Ambassador!

This is my third year representing the back of the pack for the city that I love and, as always, I'm so excited to be a returning Ambassador, especially for the 40th race!

Last weekend I was at my book signing (I so fancy) and the store employee asked when my last race was.

"Almost a year ago. LULZ."

Soooooo here's hoping another injury doesn't sideline me before the Cleveland 10K again this time around.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

09 January 2017

Mondays are for Coffee & Contemplation

It's Monday and another week is upon us! Also means it's time for another edition of Mondays are for coffee and contemplation, which is a round up on quick things I want to talk about but don't want to dedicate an entire post to.

1) On Saturday I had my first book signing! It was at the Learned Owl in my hometown of Hudson, Ohio and it was so much fun. A bunch of people showed up, including complete strangers which is always nice as a writer because there's always that fear that only your family and friends will be interested in your book.

Seriously, y'all. I look so fancy and professional, amirite?

2) Multiple times over the past week I have found myself saying "I am so happy I bought myself a treadmill."

Trust me. I'm as surprised as all of you but really, I am so happy I bought myself a treadmill. I'm still working on building up my endurance and distance post-injury and having the treadmill gives me that controlled environment that the streets of Cleveland in January (ie: snow and ice) do not. I'm using the early weeks of C25K as intervals but right now I really am just working on getting my distance up since I'm basically starting from scratch. But 10K training starts in less than a month so I want to have some base built up before I begin that.

3) Speaking of, while I'm not officially in training mode yet, I so love having a plan week-to-week to follow and I bought this fantastic printable grid for my Passion Planner.

I love sitting down and planning a run down of my plan for the week and getting to see it at a glance. Plus, since it's a printable file I can print the pages out as often as needed for future planners and if I ever decide I want to have a weekly checklist type thing for other things during my week.

4) My friend Nicole's daughter Audra is on the Kids Baking Championship this season and YOU SHOULD TOTALLY WATCH. New episodes air Monday nights on the Food Network and all the kids are adorable and way more talented in the baking kitchen than I am.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

06 January 2017

Fitness Friday: Week One

It's been quite a week, amirite? Or maybe it's just me, what with that whole book coming out thing.


This year, I really want to focus on getting back into a fitness routine. I was doing really well this time last year, but that silly broken ankle kinda fucked that all up and since getting cleared to exercise I've been struggling to find my groove again. 

During my season of self-care, I seriously considered quitting blogging altogether. The only thing that kept me around was looking forward to blogging about my training for the Cleveland 10K (the distance I'm 99% sure I'm going to run in May). I love the routine of training mode and sharing my weekly workouts with all of you. 

But I won't start training for another month or so but I'm still trying to get back into a routine and working out on a regular basis, so why not just start a weekly working blogging series that I can use to transition into training mode in a few weeks?

The really big news is that I BOUGHT A TREADMILL.

I know, right? 

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time you know that I pretty much hate the treadmill. In fact, in my book I describe a rather traumatic experience I had on one many years ago that left me scarred. Literally. My old building had a treadmill that I used only in dire circumstances but since moving I've discovered I really took that thing for granted and actually kind of missed it.

Yeah, I wasn't expecting that either. But there were multiple mornings when it was cold and dark and snowy outside where I'd wake up and think "Man I wish I had a treadmill downstairs."

Seriously. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

So, I bought a treadmill that was delivered last Friday and, I gotta say, it's really nice to have because while I have a YMCA membership and it's maybe 5 minutes away (especially really early before rush hour), that's just another obstacle to get me working out and now I can just throw on my shoes and head downstairs to the basement.

Here is this week's weekly rundown: 

Friday: Rest
Saturday: Walked on mah new treadmill
Sunday: Tried out several fitness apps (before buying an annual subscription to FitStar)
Monday: BC was at work, I rearranged one of our guest rooms so unintentional body weight strength workout LOL
Tuesday: Spin class at YMCA
Wednesday: 1 mile run + FitStar workout
Thursday: Rest

I wasn't sure how I'd feel about the back to back run + workout but turns out I really liked it! Getting strength training is hard for me -- it's one reason I was trying different apps, to find out that would fit my vibe -- but I am hoping this is a routine I can stick with. When my runs start getting longer it's going to mean waking up earlier but, hey, that's the beauty of having a treadmill in the basement!

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus

02 January 2017

New Year New You Giveaway: Win a signed copy of Running with a Police Escort + Bondi Band Headbands

2016 was rough, amirite? We lost Alan Rickman and David Bowie, among others, and then there was the election and then during all of that I had to deal with anklegate and clotapocalypse and then BC tore his patella and oof. We are only now really just starting to recover from everything.

But luckily it's a BRAND NEW YEAR. That means a clean slate and fresh start and setting new goals and looking ahead to all the magical wonderful things you want to accomplish in 2017 and beyond.

Best part is that tomorrow is the official publication date of Running with a Police Escort

(I say official because Amazon was being Amazon and sending some copies out early so the book has been out in the world unofficially for a couple of weeks now.)

This has been a labor of love for over a year and I am so happy to share the book with you and all the world and in celebration, I'm giving away a SIGNED COPY!!

Not only will you get a copy signed to you (or anyone else, if you'd like to give it as a gift to someone) but I'm also giving away a full set of Bondi Band's winter collection so that you'll be stylish while achieving your goals over the coming months. I'm a Bondi Band Ambassador and love their products (I'm even wearing one of the headbands on the cover!) so I'm so excited to spread the love.

Fun fact: I helped name the Sweater Weather one up in the top right! They had a contest and my suggestion was chosen.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy running!!

Winner will be contacted by email at the completion of the giveaway and have 24 hours to respond.

Love from the ashes,
Lady Lazarus
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