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What diet plan do you follow?
For starters, I hate using the word "diet" as it really is a lifestyle change. To me, dieting means deprivation and I am not someone who can really give foods up. Instead I strive for balance and flexibility and find that best with Weight Watchers. Starting in January 2008 I was vegetarian for six and half years, until June 2014 when I started transitioning back to eating meat.

Have you always struggled with your weight?
Yes. Growing up I never managed to grow out of the chubby baby phase and wore a size 18 dress to my prom. It actually had to be ordered from a catalog since stores didn't offer many plus size formal wear options back in the late '90s. I also chronicled my history with disordered eating in a four part series that begins here.

How do you stay active? 
These days my major forms of fitness are running  and spinning and occasionally yoga. Along with completing multiple 5Ks and 10Ks, I've completed three half marathons (the 2013 RnRCLE, the 2014 CLE Half, and the 2015 CLE Half) and am a certified indoor cycling instructor.

What's up with the phoenix?
My birthday is November 12th, making me a Scorpio. Those of us born under this western Zodiac sign are unique in that we have three animals representing us: There is, obviously, the scorpion, vindictive, destructive, and dangerous. But, with determination and tenacity (of which a Scorpio holds in spades) we can rise above that to become the intelligent and powerful Eagle.

But the most coveted position, and the hardest to achieve, is the mythical Phoenix. Born of fire and flame, the Phoenix rises from the ashes reborn and renewed. As someone who spent much of her life held down by the weight (literally) of her choices, this journey is my opportunity to transform and fly high, a free spirit.

Where does the name Lady Lazarus come from? 
"Lady Lazarus" is the title of a poem written by Sylvia Plath. A twist on the Biblical story of Lazarus, it is a tale of death and rebirth and resurrection, much like the story of the Phoenix. It also includes two of my favorite lines of poetry ever: Out of the ash / I rise with my red hair, which also relates back to the myth.

Who designed your blog?
My superhero mascot was designed by Meghan Murphy of Kawaii Not. I designed the header and other graphics while my friend Tricia did most of the layout and HTML.

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